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I am Josué González, a Spaniard from Puerto de la Cruz, Spain. I am passionate about design, technology and digital culture as vehicle to understand the complexity behind the social behavior.

That was the main reason why I decided to scare my family and instead of starting my Computer Science studies 20 km from my home, I moved to Madrid to study Political Science at Universidad Complutense. It was there where I had the opportunity to meet Antonio Marquina, who I will always appreciate for his enthusiasm and passion around the subject of conflict resolution, which later inspired me to volunteer for the United Nations.

During summer, I took the opportunity to travel as far as I was able. It was during this time that I fulfilled my dream of bodyboarding at North Shore and how I spent all my savings continuously extending my stay at UCLA.


To fund my travel I started working for a research project, “Cyberdemocracy in the 2008 election campaign in Spain” which combined two of my passions: technology and collective behavior.

Thanks to the long conversations with Victor Sampedro, I finally decided to study a Master’s degree at the Research Institute Ortega y Gasset (I will finish it in my next life), while I was working in a small public relations agency, specialized in protocol and luxury.

Subsequently, thanks to Luis Arroyo, I had the opportunity to be part of the team at Asesores de Comunicación Publica. This was the first Spanish company dedicated exclusively to collaborating with politicians and senior officials where I had the opportunity to lead the consultants committee of the incipient Political Communication Association which I’m still a member of today.

I was able to give free rein to my passion about Politics on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, from local campaigns to presidential campaigns; I am very proud of these experiences, not only for the personal learnings that they gave me but also for the great friends I made.

From the left side of the Atlantic

What’s more, this experience clearly demonstrated to me the importance of having international experience, which led me to move to Bogotá with LLORENTE & CUENCA. It was here that  I was able to advise Minister Diego Molano, learn  SNA and where I first ventured into the corporate world of business plans, timesheets and profit margins.

Following the work I led for Vive Digital, McCANN Colombia invited me to lead the process of digital integration within the agency where I had the honor of having the confidence of Álvaro Fuentes and the commitment of a Spartans’ team (Edith, Wilches, Nicolás, …).

It was here where I was able to grow the department exponentially in knowledge, size, product and margin, to position ourselves among top digital operations of the network worldwide.

Advertising , up in the air

First, this recognition came with new responsibilities in Colombia: the creation of two new units for both content and social analytics.  And secondly, within the region where I was promoted to  Regional Digital Strategy Director.

Shortly after, Fernando Fascioli and Sean MacDonald invited me to help in the digital transformation of the business as Chief Digital Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean, leading the digital strategy and operations of the company across 27 offices in 21 countries while I made a master degree on loyalty programs after hit a personal record of 51 trips in a year.

I always thought new business its the most interesting area of a given company because it brings to the table the best of breed in terms of culture, people and solutions you have to offer and two years in the position was a tour de force pitch after pitch where I had the honor of learning from the most talented people of the network as Martín Mercado, Devika Bulchandani, Suzanne Powers, John Mescall and the incredible digital global team of warriors, among others.

New Tech family

Which brings us up to the present moment, joining Facebook thanks to Maren Lau and after spending much of my professional life on an airplane, living more than 340 days in one city,  Mexico City.

I am focused on having the greatest impact on the business results of our clients, highlighting the main advances of the industry from IADAS and bringing to the company all that I learn from friends, colleagues, bosses and my own mistakes.