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Today’s organizations are required to answer numerous complex and challenging questions, which often have more than one possible solution or outcome. Based on my professional experience on consultancy, advertising and tech, I partner with businesses and government leaders to provide customized programs focused on their unique needs.

Due to the depth of these programs and my tailored approach, my availability for consulting work is limited.

In the past, my engagements have included:

    • Facilitating a 6-month comprehensive digital transformation strategy review for a large retail organization in Latin America.
    • Helping a large manufacturing organization to establish its marketing growth unit.
    • Helping a government agency to restructure their online presence, enhance the national brand promotion and increase investment attraction.
    • Helping a leading performance advertising agency identify new opportunities to grow its core business thought AI application.
    • Advisor senior officials of a European government about how to address internet copyright infringements.
    • Worked with leadership of major retail banking company on development and implementation of an innovation strategy.
    • Strategy workshop for a holding company with strategic focus in the diverse financial services sector in Latin America.
    • Seminar for a global top 50 airline holding company about how to adopt technology to improve their customer experience.
    • Lead the technical due diligence of an independent firm before the acquisition for a marketing communication multinational.
    • Major role advising global payment company on the digital marketing strategy on Latin America.
my services

I support organizations in combining case studies, data, and research to create compelling deliverables.

  • Case study generation
  • Subject-matter Expert
  • Framework Development

Every advisory client has different needs.

Whether you’re looking for someone to bounce ideas with, specific feedback on strategic initiatives, input on team meetings, briefings to keep track of emerging opportunities, a synthesis of ethical data practices, a review of the latest national AI strategies, or something else — I can help.

An outside perspective with uncensored feedback.


Whether you’re feeling blocked professionally, or need a push to go after your next big goal, having someone you trust to give you honest feedback is a critical part of success.

I work in 90 day sprints, short enough to gain momentum, but long enough to have real impact. We set our objectives, figure out a game plan and then we execute. I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Due to work commitments, I only take a couple of coaching clients every year.